Playing it Safe in Vilnius

Vilnius is just like any other European capital city, while there is no doubt you will have a fantastic time and love your stay, there are some things that you should know about to avoid any un-wanted problems. Over the past 5 or 6 years, the number of tourists visiting Vilnius has increased, as a result so have the number of people looking to make easy money. This guide will explain how to avoid this and also re-assure you that these scams are a rare occurrence.


Just like any other city with a reputation for great nightlife, knowing where to go and having someone to show you around is very important. This is where one of our Vilnius Nightlife Tours come in very useful, we will point out the few bars and clubs that could pose a problem for your group or wallet.


Vilnius NightlifeThe Vilnius nightlife has over the years developed from an underground student feel, to an all out party city wit cool bars and clubs open until early morning. Its not uncommon to see people still queuing to get in the more popular spots at 03:00am. However with great nightlife come other things to watch out for, some taxi's will pry on drunk tourists lost in the winding streets of the Old Town. It is really important to get the number of a reputable taxi company or travel with a friend who might be a little more compos mentis. 


The centre of Vilnius is safe to walk around at all times, however as with any city, you should always try to avoid walking alone. The main streets of Gedaminus and Pilias are well lit and often busy with people, even early in the morning. The only areas that we advise you to avoid would be Naujininkai, however you are well off the beaten track here. 


Unlike Riga, Vilnius does not have a list of black listed bars...As a general rule most bars and clubs in Vilnius are safe for tourists. There are venues that are more suited to locals, and they might take a slight exception to a group of foreign lads getting lairy so its best to always remain respectful of where you are. 


One tip that we can certainly give out, remember the name of your hotel...Write is down and put it in your wallet or somewhere safe so you can remember. After a few beers, remembering a hotel that has letters and accents you have never seen before, can present a challenge. 


Withdrawing money is also safe, there are many scandinavian banks here including Swedbank and SEB where most major bank cards will work. Remember there will always be a small fee for using these ATM's normally around 2euros and there will be a commission rate on top.


When ever you visit a city for the first time, its always important to respect your surroundings and the people who inhabit them. Our advice is to always research your destination to avoid any unwanted issues and everything will be fine. If you have any specific questions then you can of course email us and we will be happy to help.  




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