Vilnius FAQ's

If you have a question about Vilnius, Lituania or any of our services, we would always encourage you to contact us. However if you don't like email or phones then feel free to browse our FAQ's below. If we haven't answered your question, then I’m afraid you will have to talk to us, we dont bite...honestly


1. Where is Vilnius?
A. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania which is a country that makes up one of the three Baltic States. These also include Estonia and Latvia, Lithuania also borders with Poland, Kaliningrad and Belarus. We would be considered Eastern European although we like to think of ourselves as New Europe.


2. Is it always cold in Lithuania?
A. Despite the term ‘crikey its Baltic out there’ Lithuania is blessed with warm but short summers, where temperatures can easily top out at 35 degrees. We must be honest however, as during the depths of winter, we can also drop as low as -30 however -15/20 is about normal from January-March. So to anwer your question, when its cold, its cold but the summers make up for it!


3. What is the Lithuanian currency?
A. In 2015 Lithuania will adopt the Euro as its national currency, up until then it is the Lithuanian Lita. Lithuania is the last Baltic State to adopt the Euro currency after Latvia (2014) and Estonia (2011). This is seen by many as the final step towards a brighter future for the country.


4. How far is the airport from the city centre?
A. Well this depends where you are landing, if it Vilnius airport then lucky for you the airport is only 6km from the city centre. If you are landing in Kaunas, then we are afraid you will need to travel 100km to Vilnius. But dont worry you can manke the most of our Kaunas-Vilnius airport transfer:)


5. How much should I expect to pay to get from the airport to the centre?
A. A taxi from Vilnius airport to the city centre will cost around a maximum of 10euros. If you are arriving in a group then you are better off taking one of our group transfers, this includes airport meet and greet and private bus to your accommodation.


If you are landing in Kaunas you can use the airport shuttle service, this runs very frequently and costs from 10-16euros PP. Alternatively you can use our Kaunas - Vilnius transfer which will take you directly to your hotel.


6. What is a good local beer and what should I expect to pay?
A. There are two main beers in Lithuania, Švytutys and Kalnapilis both of which you can find in just about any bar. Lithuania has a deep and proud history of brewing beers, many farmsteads produce their own variery and have unique methods of how the beer is produced. You shold expect to pay around 2.50euros for a beer in the old town, but you can pay as low as 1.50euros in some bars. 



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