Where to Eat in Vilnius

When you think of Lithuanian cuisine, its easy to feel a little uninspired. Potatoes, pork and dumplings...Well, we are here to show you that Lithuania and Vilnius has a lot more to offer than just your grannies home cooking. 


We start off with one of our favourite restaurants, BOFF Steakhouse is a total delight. Small, cosy and simply the best steak in Vilnius, if not the Baltic States. If you are more of a burger person, then the ideal spot for a hangover cure is the aptly names Meat Lovers Pub. With a selection of different meat courses and some sublime burgers, the Meat Lovers pub is a must do lunch. 


La BohemeIf you more into quirky interiors, then restaurant Forrest and La Boheme are for you. Both serve fantastic food but the interiors are the main talking point. Forrest is as you would guess, themed like a forrest, with a wide range of dishes made fresh on site with as many local ingredients as they can squeeze in.


La Boheme is located in a medieval hall, with a stunning vaulted ceiling and huge original fireplace where any numbers of stories have been told over the years. This is a restaurant/bar/hang-out with a fantastic wine-list and atmosphere to boot. La Boheme does not conform with a set crowd and caters for anyone who likes a good time with friends. 


Lithuania's traditional dish is the Cepelinai, a riced potato stuffed with anything from minced meat to curd. One of the best places to try this national dish is at Graff Zeppelin, the translation of Cepelinai is Zeppelin and gets its name from the shape of the potato.


For other traditional Lithuanian cuisine you can try Forto Dvaras, located on the main Pilies street. Hearty servings of soups, bread and potato pancakes as well as many other traditional dishes. After eating here you might need to loosen the belt buckle a little...Another great local spot is Katpedele, similar to Forto Dvaras but with more restaurants dotted about the city. 


La ProvenceIf you are more of a fine diner then Vilnius has got you covered, La Provence is one of the stand out restaurants however you are expected to be well dressed and presentable, or they are likely to turn you away. Another fine restaurant is Telegrafas, many would put this restaurant among the very best in the Baltic's. Great for meat and fish, often prepared with a local twist for good measure. 


Just like any other capital city, there is also an abundance of international cuisine including Sushi, Chinese and Armenian. These restaurants are located all over the city, including shopping centres and the main streets. 


When visiting Vilnius, its important to note that not many venues are vegetarian friendly. Although this has got better of the past few years, a vegetarian menu can still lack some imagination. However one restaurant trying to buck that trend is Vieta, a trendy little place that is designed solely for the vegetarians who are getting sick of the meat heavy menus in every other restaurant in town. 



Authour Graham Williams 


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